Warning - Open with…

I downloaded Joe Workman’s PagesSafe stack to trial and installed ok. The stack comes with some sample files. I clicked a sample file to open whereupon it was opened with RW6. When I tried to open my site which is in RW7 (upgrade), nothing. When I searched application, no sign of RW7. I tried using Time Machine to restore to the last back-up but to no avail. So I had to download RW7 again and install from scratch. All issues resolved.

To try and find out what happened, I right clicked the sample file to see which application it would open with and found it had been set presumably by JW to RW6. When I changed open with to RW7 everything was ok again.

In future, rather than assume a stack sample file is up to speed, I shall check which version of RW it is pre-set to open with and change it if need be.

RW7 has only been out for a few weeks, and many of the add-on devs have dozens of stacks/themes released, in addition to the new stuff that they’re working on. Give it a bit of time and everything should be updated.

Just drag your project file on the icon of the RW version you want it to open with. Dead-simple…

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Understandable, but doesn’t explain, at least not to me, why RW7 should have been ‘deleted’.