We need your help with the Addon Marketplace Tags!

Hey Developers (and users),

The Marketplace has just got another big update, we’ve added better ways to search and filter addons! I’ll do a full video soon, but in the meantime I wanted you help…

We now support tags, however I started to put together a list and then I thought it’s probably best to consult with those making addons, and the users that will be searching for them.

I’ve already added the following tags (so far):

What other tags do you think we should support?
Keep in mind we want to keep the tags fairly high-level, so there doesn’t end up being a tonne of them and making it overwhelming on the website.

Here’s how it works on the frontend, you can go play with this now!

CleanShot 2024-06-06 at 11 .39.25

And here’s how it works on the backend for developers:

CleanShot 2024-06-06 at 11 .47.04

Developers can assign 3 tags per addon from a pre-defined set. Developers can log-in to the get started now.

We still have some work to do, but we think this is a great start in making the Marketplace even more useful for customers and developers!

Hello @MultiThemes, @Elixir, @barchard, @barz-stacks, @Bill, @defligra, @habitualshaker, @LaPan, @RicardoR, @Massimo, @yabdab, @instacks, @Lucas, @Marten_Claridge, @tav, @nimblehost, @willwood please start adding tags to your addons as soon as you can :smiling_face:

P.S. don’t forget we also recently added video support for marketplace listing, so make sure you add in any videos you have while doing tags!


Hi @dan ,

The most crucial tags I can think of that you might want to add to your list are:

  1. Audio
  2. Video
  3. Images
  4. Utilities*

*This could cover miscellaneous things like consent popups, multilingual switches, scheduled content, password protection, table builders, site optimisation tools etc.

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I find it a bit limiting to only be able to use those tags (Blogging, CMS, Database, Forms, Search, eCommerce), they do not fit well with all products.

Excellent suggestions, those have now been added!

FYI: The tags only appear on the frontend once they get used in an addon.

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Yes, I can see how they are not ideal for projects or themes.

I’d love to hear what tags you think would work for those types of addons, but do keep in mind they should be high-level as we don’t want to overload the menu (or users)!

Here’s an update list of what’s available so far:

Should there be this many Element products

Good solution to put the Utility tag, so you can get a little bit of everything in there.
Maybe also add a tag that relates to email, I for example have multiple project files that relate to email templates.

No, that’s due to developers previously clicking the “RapidWeaver Elements” compatibility checkbox.

We’ll be removing that shortly in an update and making it a single choice dropdown menu instead.

Maybe AI Tools… OK I’m leaving :yum:

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angry cat GIF

lol kidding, AI is inevitable. :fire: :gun: :robot:

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Please, if possible, add “animation” tag

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That’s a great suggestion. Have just added the tag!


The ‘list’ is still pretty tiny & I know customers want more flexibility in searching: so here’s a few more: Navigation, Printing, (Security or Page Protection), Lists

Ah yes, some good suggestions, I’ll go ahead and add the following:

  • Navigation
  • Security

Wasn’t sure on “printing” and “lists”, are there any/many addons that do either of those things :thinking:

Yes, I have a list stack and a print stack.


I suggest to add a tag for ‘booking’ or ‘reservation’

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I strongly recommand to all stacks dev to develop booking with online payment stacks (for psychologist office for example :grin:)

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Hmm, I don’t see them listed on the Marketplace :thinking:

Do you think there’s many stacks out there that would use those tags? Remember we want to keep things high-level and not overwhelm users on the frontend with too many tags.

Well, I think the whole point of the marketplace is for the users - flexibility in searching is what they want - more explicit search capabilities, ie more tags.