Webdeersign Project 12 now available

Project 12 is a really versatile multi page Project suitable for many type of business where the choice of the right images can often be difficult and time consuming. The project is created using an innovative yet simple & fast way to shape images into elegant shapes such as the 6 sided rounded shape below.

This design makes building a web site from scratch much easier and quicker because the images become less important. Often the choice of good images makes or break a design. By adding a shape to each image, you can make the images more interesting and they become part of a cohesive design.

Don’t forget to notice the cool animation on the navigation when the page is scrolled off the first main image.

Additional shapes are provided in the project. Just drop in your image and the mask shape does the rest. Images can be any size and an additional array of image masks are provided and are shown on the Project 12 About Us page. The mask images are provided in PNG and also editable SVG so that you can create your own colours in a graphics app.

Available for both Foundry & Foundation and requires Stacks 3.5.

See the demo at http://webdeersign.com/pr12demo2
Full details at http://webdeersign.com/projects/projects/pr12

If you have any questions just ask.


Here is a short Project introduction that includes a video tutorial showing how to create your own image shapes used in Project 12.

Project 12 intro and mask tutorial video

More details at All Projects