Website "transplantation"

As “designated” webmaster I had to “transplant” a website made in RW5 to RW8.
So I used same theme and copied every page into RW8.
Question: Can I (when finished) copy publishing settings and move on in RW8 or
can I expect problems doing so?

If the server, login, protocol ((s)ftp etc) password and path haven’t changed, you ought to be able to enter those into RW8’s publishing settings, Yes.

One thing to watch is that the number of simultaneous connections should be kept low to begin with (3 or at most 4) in case your provider throttles massive uploads.

If your provider/host has changed, you’ll have to collect, record and then fill in the new parameters. Good luck!

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Thank you Mark for the quick response.
With simultaneous connections you mean that I should not
upload the complete website at once?


Start the upload; there is no choice but to upload all the files in one go. That’s OK. Just be sure to set Connections’ (in Settings > Preferences)

to a lower number at first.

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