WepYep Loop and Lightbox

Hello everybody. I am currently working on a website. I use Fundation and Webyep. In the meantime, except for one thing, I have no problems between Webyep and Fundation. And this concerns the looping feature of Webyep.
I’m using Rapidwever 8.1 (20502b) and all the batches are up to date. As far as things are concerned: It is desirable that some items, such as the imprint (company information) or contact information, be opened as a lightebox. For that I have 2 possible stacks: To one I have Limelight from BigWitheDuck and then I still have Reveal Lightbox. I have in the footnote a button to the imprint (company information). I use WebYep Rich Text as the main element of the web page and can easily insert and use WebYep Rich Text in the Limelight stack area. It works great. Nevertheless I would like to use the possibility of the WebYep loop on the main page. I replace WebYep Richtext with WebyYep loop works fine with Limelight (same error is also with Reveal Stack), but I can enter the Richtext texts, which are also saved (!), But in the called Lightbox after clicking on " Save "does not appear. When I open the Richtext editor again, the text is available in the editor - but not in the lightbox.

There is an error in the Safari console. The problem: This error appears at the moment when you click on “Save” and disappears immediately. I have no idea how to stop it to see this error message.

If you speak German, you can also answer in German.
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The link opens to the RW file and a folder with web export - for download. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xtp6DoOdeqyZJu0TD-orAstuqNczDayf/view?usp=sharing
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