What Fonts are used here?

What is the best way to find out what fonts are used on this site?

When I look in source it says Inherrited.


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I use this little utility to identify fonts on web pages.

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WOW Glad I asked! Thank you so much.

Something I’d like to add, that is a little off topic, so forgive me… In your last few posts you’ve talked about duplicating a lot of this site’s design, fonts, etc. Be sure to put your own spin on it too. Don’t just copy an existing site’s design. It’s definitely bad form – that is unless the existing site is your site.

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I completely agree! THANK YOU!
The client asked for these fonts and the images menu so I’m going to show them what they want and also a hipper version of my own. Again thank you Especially now that I have the Mason templates you gave us with Foundry! Thanks Adam

Not a problem at all. That is a great way to approach it with your customer.

Good job! :+1:

Look forward to seeing what you build!

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