What happened to Clear app?

(Cheryl Hill) #1

The Clear app for iOS hasn’t been updated since October 27, 2015 and the app for Mac hasn’t been updated since August 19, 2015. There is no longer any mention of the app on Realmac’s website, nor is there a category for it here in the forums. Have the developers given up on this app?

(Cheryl Hill) #2

It seems like I’m not the first person to ask a question about Clear. Except that all the past posts are now locked (“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”). Very suspicious.

Do a Google search for: clear site:forums.realmacsoftware.com

(Jason Bostick) #3

I think they’ve maybe been tidying up the forums as of late as there are other topics that have been removed / merged as well. In general, they’ve seemed to forum questions about Clear to their regular realmac support email (support@realmacsoftware.com) so you might want to try that

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In the twitter link above note the date…

(Cheryl Hill) #6

Yes, that tweet is from ten months ago. And February 7 was the last time that the Help page with links to Clear information was archived by the Wayback Machine.


(Chris Barker) #7

So is Clear no longer supported? I’ve just tried to look up keyboard shortcuts but it goes to a Error 404 on the web.

Please support Clear App again!
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Hi everyone! Sometime ago we partnered with Impending to develop Clear. We handles support + other aspects. Now, Impending has taken on every aspect of Clear including support. It’s my understanding that the app is being updated but that’s all I can say for now. Any additional inquiries or issues should be directed to Impending.

You can contact them over at http://impending.com

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