What is a good replacement for Image Shuffler?

What is a good replacement for Image Shuffler?

I’m sure we can come up with a number of good ideas for you, but what is Image Shuffler? Who makes it? And what are the key features you are trying to replicate in a new stack/plugin?

Hi…Image Shuffler died with RW6…not sure of the company.
It allowed you to have several galleries on one page.(plugin) with categories at the top…I think Nick Cates Photo will do it.

Given you want several galleries on one page, my guess is you’re correct: Photo by Nick Cates is likely your best choice. Looks to be a great stack!

Image Shuffler was a plugin by Cosculture and allowed several albums (galleries) on the same page.
Selecting the various albums was done by clicking the appropriate button.
It was not updated to work with RW6.
Photo by Nick Cates can do the job, but also Filter by Yabdab is a good choice.
And there may be other stacks or plugins with similar functions.