What is a 'Hero' stack?

What is a ‘Hero’ stack? I’ve seen this expression quite a lot, but I can’t find a description of what it means.

Hero usually refers to an image(s) that a viewer 1st sees when they get to a site, for example when you go here: https://www.dma-ni.com/ you’ll get a slideshow of several images and the businesses logo. That area is also called ‘above the fold’ (from the old newspaper days)

There is no ‘hero stack’ per say, you build what you want using what stacks you wish, maybe its an image/gallery/big bold title etc.
If someone visits your site and then leaves without scrolling/viewing other pages the ‘hero’ area should at least leave a good impression.

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Thank you Paul, that’s helpful and I appreciate you giving your time to answer my question.

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