What is to filled in Path in Publish, For One.com

I’am trying too up-load changes to a website but its not working. because i've had these problems before i changed to FTP client to do this.But its not woking the way it should. Because i have recently changed for RW 5 to 6 (without any real problems) I though i’ll try to upload again with RW, but I getting this “Couldn’t sign to your FTP server” messages. The only thing that don’t know is the path. Tried the obvious option, but no luck. Looked on the net also no luck.
I’ve send a help request too ONE.COm but still no answer form them.
So Please can body help me with this?


Certainly vary from host to host. I find the 2 most common are :




“Couldn’t sign in…” is usually a username/password issue.

Also, in Publishing Settings, perhaps lower your connections