What would you like to see in RapidWeaver 7?

If you could add one thing to RapidWeaver what would it be? What’s the missing killer feature or fix?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


  1. Ability to have a blog page be in a stacks page
  2. Ability to edit RapidWeaver content from anywhere
  3. Blog have social linking (twitter, Facebook etc.)

I’d like the upgrade to 7 to be easy - smooth like an 'orse’s earhole - and not the troublesome experience that RW6 has been for some people…

How do you mean, Robb?

after each post, an icon to link to a service, so people can tweet out a blog post, people can like or share on Facebook a blog post.


Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying!

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From there, I use all my pages Stack (it’s easier !!!) … Also, I’d like Stack RW is integrated as a page among others!
Moreover, as our sites are increasingly found on mobile phone (iPhone and others), I would like everything to be automatically responsive (columns, photos, etc.), without having to pile on plugings plugings …
PS: I just upgrade RW6.3, and I feel much much slower to export my pages …
Thank you and have a nice day
Paul (translated by Google)
… And of course be translated into French RW :slight_smile:

Depuis qu’il existe, j’utilise Stack pour toutes mes pages (c’est plus facile !!!)… Aussi, j’aimerai que Stack soit intégré comme une page de RW parmi les autres !
De plus, comme nos sites sont de plus en plus consultés sur téléphone portable (iPhone et autres), j’aimerai que tout soit automatiquement responsive (colonnes, photos, etc.), sans être obligé d’empiler plugings sur plugings…
PS: je viens d’upgrader RW6.3, et il me semble beaucoup beaucoup plus lent à exporter mes pages…
Merci et bonne journée
Paul (traduit par Google)
Et bien sûr, RW traduit en français :slight_smile:

Capability to easily work from multiple computers on one project:

    • central (cloud) storage for Project file, addons, themes, preferences and all app support files that are floating around on my machine
    • Albeit everything with proper activation in order to protect the developers

This way, I can work of my desktop when at home and from MBP when travelling. I could also make the project availble for 3rd party developers for easier troubleshooting…


Sorry, @dan for adding a second one. I’ve quite some stacks and addons and I don’t have a complete overview on which stacks, addons etc. I’m using in a project. What would be cool is if RW could generate a report for a project file as to which new plugins, stacks etc have been update yet not been uploaded. An earmark next to a page as an indicator and then a list of new stuff on that very page would be a nice option, too. Other than that, I try to remember or simply do an upload all files eacht time a new stack/addon came up that might be in that project… Thx!


One thing @dan? I don’t think so :smile:

All settings to be stored in an external file whos location can be set (e.g. Dropbox)

All user installed Plugins/Themes/Stacks Folder(s) to be set like above.

A single non printing/non publishing/no exporting page in which we can store details about the project such as ftp address, usernames, passwords, associated twitter, facebook, email accounts etc… - Possibly password protected?.
I currently use a styled text page for this but a page with a selection of preset fields in which we can enter the above info along with some empty fields for custom info and a nice big notes area would be (in my opinion) very useful.

A feature to upload a (zipped?) copy of the project to the ftp server the site is being published to. - Good way to backup - We can do this now manually but an menu item on the File menu of ‘Backup to Server’ would be nice.


I hate to feel I have to name two - but at least in this order, please:

1- smoother update process from 6 to 7 than from 5 to 6
2 - management of resources seamlessly across multiple installations

Thanks - and good luck!


While a password protected notebook isn’t something we’re planning, we do already have the Notes feature in the Site Setup sidebar :smile:

Good point, shows how much attention I pay :slight_smile:

Incremental zoom in the edit window. Just like in many word processors, the percentage value would not be saved in the document or effect the output. Text is so small it makes editing within Rapidweaver painful - yes, even copypasting.

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  • Focus on all the accessibility options you can imagine : http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/REC-WCAG20-20081211/
  • w3c compliant html generation (theme and stack developers need to work on this too)
  • validating css (theme and stack developers need to work on this too)
  • easy entry of Rich Snippets, for example for ratings, recipes and so on
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This may be something individual developers need to address, but…
Better handling of secure websites: Ability to toggle HTTP or HTTPS protocol on a project’s resources.


[quote=“Aaron, post:16, topic:1047”]
Ability to toggle HTTP or HTTPS protocol on a project’s resources.
[/quote]Any links to resources that RapidWeaver itself manages are tied to the Website Address in the Setup sidebar. Are you talking about items served from CDNs?

  1. Next and Previous buttons on the main blog page like Blogger has. So you could show say the 5 latest posts on the blog page, then users can click Previous to see the 5 before that and so on and so on.

  2. Header and Footer sections in the blog like RapidBlog has. This could be useful if you have joined blog directories and they want a badge or link back to their site on you blog.

  3. Facebook Share and Twitter Tweet buttons at the top and bottom of each blog post.

P.S. Sorry not really a RW7 request, but it would be good if RW didn’t create a rss.gif for the blog and made it a png or jpeg instead, as I use ImageOptim to optimize my images before I upload them and that is the only file which I have in my project that is a gif, so it is can get forgotten sometimes.

  1. I agree with wwinter86 and zeebe Facebook and Twitter logos/links on blog posts would be fab, especially as that’s exactly what I’m currently having trouble with!

  2. Would it be possible to be able to arrange blog posts by something other than date added? My reason is, I use the blog for other pages that are not strictly speaking blogs! For example, I have a directory. A list of people and companies and the way a blog works is great due to the categories, but the only problem is I would like to be able to list them alphabetically and not by date added.


I’d like you to fix the sitemap so it shows all pages unless we choose to exclude them. No need to wait until version 7 with this one and lets include images.

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