Where is the Settings Button?

(Michael Kane) #1

Rapidweaver’s help says,

“Select the settings button next to the FTP Protocol field”

There is no such button. At least, I can’t find it.

There is a line reading “Publishing Method” that lists FTP as one of the options.
There is another line reading “Mode” but this line has no “Settings” button near–or far.

Any clues? I’m trying to disable Extended Passive Mode. Disable isn’t an option under “Mode”.

(Mary Delton) #2

Hi Michael,
I believe they are referring to the drop down menu where you see “Extended Passive Mode”. In order to disable “Extended Passive Mode” you have to chose another mode. Perhaps, the help menu was written for another version of RW where there was actually a button that said “Settings”


(Michael Kane) #3

Thank you. Considering that the program is written in Blighty, you would think that the language would be more precise. “Disabling” mode “A” by switching to mode “B” isn’t “disabling,” it’s selecting a different mode. And a “button” is not a “field”–or in this case, a drop down menu list. If I was working with a program made by Tencent or QQ where Google Translate was the principal avenue to English, I couldn’t complain. But Brighton…?