Where to keep files?

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I have just a very simple question, but found no answer to it yet. So … what is the best method for storing resources files (images, mp3,docx, etc) with RW7.5?
Is it better to place them in the resource folder of the prog or is it better to upload them directly on the server? Why (not)? I’m asking because I’ll have loads oft hem soon on my server, so I thought one method could be better than another.
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Recommend over resource folder, as folks have had lots of issues with publishing from the resource folder.

Make sure you have already set up an SSL certificate with your hosting company, so when you refer to your assets that you’ve uploaded you can use HTTPS right from the start. If you don’t then when you switch to SSL, you’ll need to change every single reference to the assets.

If you have a lot of assets to manage, or you’ve got more than one person loading stuff to the server might want to have a look at


You don’t mention your use of RW but if you use it a lot (either a large site or many small sites) you can really “streamline” the process. I use ImageOptim which is a droplet app to optimize and Yummy FTP Alias droplet app to upload. I have an alias of each on my desktop. Once I have my image I simply name it and “cmd c” to copy the name (for final step in this process). Once named, then drop on ImageOptim and then drop on Yummy FTP alias to upload. To enter the url in RW I have a hotkey “expander” to enter base of url (https://mywebsite.com/images/) then I just hit “paste” to paste the filename from the “copy” when I named the image file. Thus, the entire process is “automated” and literally takes a few seconds.


Thanks to both teefers and 1611mac for your kind replies. Half thought that he deposit on the server would be the best solution
I’ll have indeed lots and lots of files (mainly docx and mp3 files) but I’ll put them very progressively onto the server. I use a nifty little program that I bought as part of a bundle - the prog is called CloudMounter (https://mac.eltima.com/fr/mount-cloud-drive.html). It’s very useful and dead simple to use.
I’m not sure to understand the HTTPS part, though. I put the files on Will Woodwards excellent stack Paperless https://stacks4stacks.com/paperless/ (thanks to his very kind and efficient collaboration)and everything will be hidden by Joe Workmans excellent SafePage stack (https://joeworkman.net/rapidweaver/stacks/page-safe/) so I’m not really sure I need HTTPS, do I, teefers? Or do I miss some point?
Thanks agains for your attention.


Right now if you don’t use HTTPS (SSL) on your site and you take any information (any input field), Chrome the most popular browser will warn users that your site is not secure. Starting in July of this year only a few months from now they will have the same warning on ANY site that is not HTTPS.
There has been a number of post on this subject. But the push is to have the entire internet become secure.

Wow … I was absolutely not aware of this, teefers (I’m somewhat of a novice after many many years of use of the Internet - but things are changing so fast, aren’t they? Especially for … “non-geeks” like me :disappointed:). So luckily, there are people like you, thank you very much for your very understandable and clear answer. I’ll hurry to get a SSL certificate for my site, since there is - indeed - a feature like the one you quote (a search field for my files necessitating input from the user).

Again, I’m happy to have found this forum …

Kind regards


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