Which theme can provide visual response while scrolling?


I’m new to RapidWeaver and I’m looking for a thee that has a visual response when the user scrolls down, like for example in this website:


I like it, that when the user scrolls, the background behind the «pages» are scrolling as well (albeit in a slower motion than the actual scroll). And you should be able to jump to each different section of the page by choosing a menu item.

Is there a theme that I can use to achieve that? Thanks a lot !


You can do that with most of the blank free form themes like Foundation, UI Kit, Bootsnap, Pure or Foundry.

Thanks! Even with the background scrolling as well? I haven’t seen that in any of the examples that I’ve seen. That’d be awesome.

Also, if you search Parallax on the rapidweaver community site, you’ll see some themes that have this built in as a feature.

I don’t own many of them myself, so your mileage may vary in terms of how customisable the parallax effect is, but there are a few out there

OK, I’m a bit overwhelmed right now, so much to digest. I probably need to install each of them to find out which is the easiest one to use.

I’ll post my findings.


You should probably be able to narrow them down after checking out the live demos for each theme (there’s ten of them in the link above). Some only have the parallax effect in their header (not in other sections of the site). I might also make note of which ones have been developed and kept up-to-date. Special effects like parallax can potentially be tricky to work well in all the various (and constantly updating) browsers… That might help you narrow things down a bit.

Note that there are also a handful of ‘stacks’ in that link above. These can give you that effect, and would work with most themes, but also require the Stacks plugin (which is an extra purchase). I don’t want to confuse things even more for you, but just an FYI.

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