Why aren't big white duck stacks loading

hi i’m not sure what. i’m doing wrong but my macbook pro mother board died on me and i lost everything so i’ve got a new macbook air and launched RW8.2 and it’s not accepting my big white duck in my stacks library and so i can see my preview but i can’t edit anything. I’ll attach 2 picture to show and if anyone has had this problem and solved it please help me.

How did you set up your new MacBook?

Most probably you have to reinstall all addons also.

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As @instacks says, make sure that you have re-installed all the stacks properly.

Without knowing how you have restored your addons folder it is hard to know what is installed and what is not installed.

i did but every time i reinstall any stacks from Big white duck and relaunch they aren’t showing up.

How are you installing the stacks?

Double click doesn’t always work. I’ve found the best way is to either:

  1. grab the stack that you want to install and drag it and drop it on RapidWeaver (running) on the dock.
  2. Right click on the stack you want to install and select the “open With” option and select RapidWeaver 8.
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