Why do we have different titles?

Some of us are “Third-party Developer”, some “Addon Developer”.
I am “Regular”.

Not sure, I think some people have given themselves new titles. I might be wrong, but I think you need to use the forum for a while and post a few things before you’re allowed to change it.

Hope that helps.


I can change my title.
I can choose “None” or “Regular”.
There’s no way to set custom titles.

Some developers have been setting their titles as “Developer”, which could be misleading (and lead people to think you’re a Realmac developer). So, if Discourse allows you to change your title, it should be “Addon Developer”. “Third-party Developer” is a bit stuffy (and I’ll update users who have that set already).


Like I said, I think you might need to use the forum to earn that (maybe just ping one of the other dev and ask how they did it).

Also I don’t think it really matters, does it?

Like I said, I can change it, but only to “Regular”.
There’s a dropdown with only two items: None and Regular.

Depending on the trust levels that Discourse gives you (with more “trust” assigned with forum use), you can on occasions get a text field.

okay, all fixed. We’ll set everyone that joins this group to “Addon Developer” :grinning:

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