Why is RapidCart Pro not compatible with RW8?

Hey @rob / @gibo,

I’ve just found out that RapidCart Pro does not work in RW8?

As far as I know, every other plugin works in RW8 apart from RapidCart… users are not going to be happy. This is such a shame, I think you will get plenty of email along with users moving to other systems. You should post on the forum letting users know what’s going, they are already asking…

Hey Dan,
thanks for your unexpected advice.

An updated version of RapidCart (and RapidBot), which will ensure full compatibility with RW8, will be possibly released later this year, while we’ve already published RapidMaps 4, which supports RW8.

I really appreciate how much you take care of our customers and their supposed disappointment, but I believe we can handle it.

We could have released new versions earlier, but decided to hold them back waiting for a stable platform and eager to assess actual user interest around latest RapidWeaver release.

It’s also worth mentioning that back in May all of our perfectly working and constantly updated plugins disappeared from RapidWeaver community because you unilaterally decided that we weren’t providing enough support to customers (and it wasn’t first time a plugin of ours was removed without a valid reason: remember about RapidDocs, some years ago?). We develop cheap and decently documented plugins for RapidWeaver, but unfortunately providing support thru RapidWeaver forum is not part of our business at the moment.

Long story short, given that our products may suddenly disappear at your solely discretion from RapidWeaver Community, we need to carefully evaluate our investment in further developing plugins and supporting upcoming RapidWeaver releases.

Now it’s time for my unexpected advice. As I’ve said, it’s great how much you take care of your users, but never forget about your developers, who made RapidWeaver ecosystem thrive. It’s not kicking plugins out of RapidWeaver community, treating them this way or opening insinuating thread like this one that you’ll make them more loyal.

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Thanks for the feedback, and I’ll do my best to respond to your concerns, but as you can imagine today is a bit of a busy day…

We can’t be seen to promoting plugins that are no longer supported, we had so many complaints from users we had to do something about it. We had users telling us we should remove it, and we agreed and removed it. You fixed the situation and started supporting customers again, and we put them back on the community site. I don’t think we were out of line, we’re just trying to make RW the best it can be for existing customers and new customers.

If plugins are outdated and unsupported it reflects badly on our product.

Your customers are our customers too and we want them to be happy, having a plugin that doesn’t work on day one is making our customers unhappy and that’s not good :frowning:

I’d like to know when you’re planning on shipping the new RapidCart Pro for RapidWeaver 8, as some users on the forum are asking and if you’re not going to answer I’d like to let them know, shall I just say later this year?

There’s also no reason (as far as I know) why the existing plugin won’t work with RW8, so I’m not sure why you’ve stopped it from loading. I think you’ll find a lot of your customers look for alternatives solutions, I’m sure that’s not what you (or us) want :frowning:

Honestly, we’ve had so many complaints about webdeer from users and developers over the years, that we finally decided to say enough is enough. We don’t want toxic people in our community, and if that means having to ban someone every so often, then that’s what we’ll do. It’s an extreme measure, but he as consistently trolling on the forums. For the record, I think we’ve only done it a few times in over ten years.

We’re dedicated to making RW better for our customers and you guys. We’re just trying to do the best we can, we should all be working together to make this a great platform, the better it does, the more everyone’s business will thrive.

It honestly makes me feel pretty down dealing with stuff like this, I’m just human after all :frowning:



That wasn’t the case, just have a look at the number of updates published for our plugins.

Fun fact: we’re not currently putting more effort on support then before, but now our support level seems perfectly fine for you.

Acting this way you’re endorsing the complaining of a few forum users, who prefer to publicly moan there instead of jumping on our support site, reading our documentation or simply understanding that providing support doesn’t mean providing consulting services or training courses on web technologies.

Here’s a sample result of this, recently coming from a customer:

He was of course eligible for a free upgrade and received it, but the malice in his words made me seriously think. I’m not going to work this way anymore, accepting to be threaten by a person who can’t even take the time to read an email or a FAQ, fearing for such a terrible “escalation and advertising”.

Having a plugin crashing or being unstable on day one won’t help neither. The main downside here is you’re possibly going to sell a couple less of RW8 copies on launch. My sincere apologies for that. Both of us want it ready for RW8 ASAP, but, hey, if the community offers better supported alternatives, those are the rules of game and I’m perfectly fine with them.

When it will be ready for prime time and tested, a RapidCart Pro version fully compatible with RW8 will be released. As you may know, it’s a plugin used by people to run their business, and a fairly complex piece of software.

Not sure why I need to justify our decisions here. Anyway, underlying changes to RWCodeView and use of undocumented APIs to handle resources made our plugins unstable on RW8. We need some more time to better look into this and, depending the number received, we’ll speed up the development of our updates. You may point users here, but that’s what we’re are already doing with RCP users in RW8.

My personal opinion: Even if you guys now have the support queue again under control (I am just reflecting here the complaints in the past months of users), RC now not working with RW8 throws you back into the same situation as months ago.

You know that people only remember the bad news, not the good.

Maybe it’s time you exchange telephone numbers and have a call or skype. I read a lot of accusations here, which are better to handle in a one-to-one conversation.

I am silent now, just trying to help and mediate between both parties. Cheers!

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Hey @gibo,

I’m sorry if I’ve upset you in any way, that was never my intention. I just want what’s best for our users, I didn’t mean to offend you. Sorry.



Hey @gibo,

Okay, so we’ve just been doing a little more testing and we’ve found that an older version of the RapidCart Pro plugin seems to work great with RapidWeaver 8 — It’s version 4.8.0 - https://realmacsoftware.d.pr/RdeH7K — Should we recommend RW8 users use this version for now?

Also, can you be more specific about what’s not working for you? and what do you no longer have access to that you did before?

If you need any help with getting newer versions of RapidCart Pro 4 (or 5) working with RW8, let us know — We’re here to help.


UPDATE: Managed to get hold of RCP 4.10.1, and that also appears to work fine in RW8, so it’s just 4.10.2 that doesn’t work. Can I point people to download 4.0.1 to keep them weaving until RCP 5 comes out?

Here’s the link if anyone else needs it:


This is not something I’d recommend nor officially support, but every single released version of our plugins is still available for download, and always will be.

Previous versions does not warn about RW8 incompatibility, but they won’t magically fix our outstanding issues.

For instance, try playing a bit more editing and previewing changes in HTML / markdown in product description or header / footer and you’ll see RW8 crashing quite easily.

I’m currently off for summer holidays, but I’ll be glad to share the details with you guys once I’ll be back at work.

Hi @gibo,

We can’t reproduce any of the crashes you’ve mentioned. It’s quite likely what you saw were beta issues, fixed in subsequent beta releases.

As I’ve said all throughout the ~ 5 month beta phase, and I’ll say it again now - if you find any issues with RapidWeaver 8, let us know - We want to fix everything!

Anyway, enjoy your holiday, and please share the details here when you get a moment.


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I am able to reproduce this one using RW build 20045 and 20070. I’m dropping you an email with some details, as an evidence to the court.

Again, this is just one of the issue we need to fix before officially supporting RW8.

And that’s great, but I hope it’s also clear that having all of our plugins pulled from RapidWeaver community during RW8 beta wasn’t exactly an incentive to throughly test RW8, ensure compatibility on day one and continue investing in plugin development.

Perfect, thanks for getting back to us on this. Appreciated!

Hey @dan,
it seems that latest RW8 build fails updating our plugins:

while updates on RW7 works seamlessly:

Is this a bug or a deliberate attempt to overcome my private and public recommendation?

Nope, it’s nothing we’re doing. Could be a random download issue.

I’ve just tested it here and it works fine (sorry about the postage stamp screencast)

Updated from the working 4.10.1 to the blocked 4.10.2 just fine :wink:

Anyone else seen this issue?

Ok, thanks for checking and apologize me for thinking you were shrugging off my recommendations.

Here’s a nice one for you, then. I was using a custom a custom addons location, having set RW7 location for RW8:

This used to work just fine (plugins was updating), but broke today. I believed it was related to RW8 build 20080 updated, but that doesn’t seem the case.

Switching to default “Managed by RapidWeaver” setting, updates started working again.

Switching back to custom RW7 location keeps breaking every plugin update again.

Is there a way to log a verbose description of the update error?

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Installing RCP 4.10.2 works fine in RW Version 8.0.1 (20080) in a custom add ons location for me…

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It works for me as well, except if I set RW7 addons folder as custom RW8 addons location. But that used to work until today. :thinking:

Ah. I have a separate one, both RW7 and RW8 pointing to.

I use the the same custom location folder for both RW7 and RW8, and it’s working just fine.

There’s no reason why this shouldn’t work.

Will keep an eye on this, and see if we get any more reports of it.

@dan we’ve just released RapidCart Pro 4.11.0, which irons out all the issues with RW8 that we were aware of.

I hope I’ll not have to regret this quick release, as starting tomorrow I’ll be abroad and partly offline for a week.


Well that’s up to you, I’m not here to tell you how to run your software business :wink: