Why this error happening and how to fix it? Weavium

I bought a couple of stack from Weavium and project files are included. When I try to open it I am getting this section error. On the error says this stack is not currently installed but I installed the stack. How can I fix that?

Did you quit and restart RapidWeaver after installing the stack? It’s always best practice to that, and some stacks don’t function until you have restarted RW.

Yeah, of course, I did but it didn’t help either.

Have you tried using the stack in one of your projects? Not one that came with the stack?

Not sure, but he could be using the free Sections Pro stack by Big White Duck.
It is free.

No problem on stacks it is working without any problem.

I will try that.

I would say it’s likely Weavium’s own Section stack (https://www.weavium.com/stacks/section). I might just re-install that one and restart RW again…


You are totally correct they are used to own section stack just like you said after installing it problem solved. :+1:

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