Wordpress Re-orientation: CornerStone Theme from Envato is awesome

I purchased an Envato Market Wordpress Theme: CornerStone advertised as X Theme and placed it via Transmit into the wp-content folder where my website is hosted. But I need to re-learn how to select theme in my admin dashboard of Wordpress. Or if there is a better way to do it in Foundation? Any help would be welcomed.

Wouldn’t this question be better placed in a WP forum?


Are you serious? Where do you draw the line for what is beneficial to using the plugins being bought, here. I use Nilrog’s WP plugin like most securely as the next Realmac Sofware member. So, your question is an unqualified question, or suggestion.

I don’t think this is an unqualified question, because your question is Wordpress related and has nothing to do regarding RapidWeaver. You have to enable the theme in your WordPress. Watch out for the menu Design/Theme in Wordpress.


Well, if I understood you correctly, you asked how to select a theme inside WP. I just wanted to highlight that you might get more answers to such a question in a WP forum. I did not attack you whatever, just wanted to help.
Best is I keep my mouth shut…


Just mentioning ‘enable’ brought me back to speed. It’s been a few years of other things while bracing back into this site revamp mode. So many new innovations since I use to frequent here. Now I have to gain a better understanding of what Foundation Theme is. Better still, I should simplify by not using out-of-date plugins such as RW symMedia5 or Kwix or even Video HTML5Bab. What I have to replace them with is perhaps, Simple Videos, or QuickTime X or if someone might suggest a plugin. Vimeo plugin is being considered. Does anyone recommend a video stack for my reconstruction? I did download an HTML5 Audio Player from Envato Market as I thought to combine media for Blog portion of site.