Working on a backed up project?

As I work on 2 computers / one user; I put my RW projects on Dropbox.
But, when I work on a project, I’d like to back it up before working on it.
What should I do ?
Any one to help me?
Thank you


It’s perfectly safe, recommended in fact, to make a duplicate of your project file in the Finder.

Single click on it in whichever directory it is and slide down to ‘Duplicate’, of press Command-D

Name it something like ‘BeforeIaddedtheBanner_site’ Good luck!

Hi Mark
Thx for your help.
I thought about that solution, so I work on the copy, then if ok, I erase the original. The copy becomes the new original.
Is there any other solution to automate this?
Again thank you


Yes, you can certainly do that: the copy becomes the (new) main version; if satisfied, erase (or zip up and keep separately) the old original.

I actually tend to do it the other way around: work on the original, then revert to the copy if things go wrong.

Either way is fine.

I prefer the second way because you can then archive the copy as a snapshot of the file before you made the (now successful) changes.

RW6 does have a Versions and Autosave feature which will go some way towards automating this.

Thank you Mark

You’re very welcome! Good luck, Dominique :slight_smile: