Wow Gallery and Joe Workman Parallax stack?

Is it possible to use a Wow gallery as the target for the content to scroll over?
Like here
(don’t know what produced the gallery there, but that is the effect I mean!)

I am using the ICE stack from @Doobox but it seems to have disappeared from the doobox site. Gary, what happend? :slight_smile:

Not sure what that means for me, Jan!

Unfortunately this is not possible with Parallax as it is right now. This is a good feature request for the stack though.

Edit - Feature request filed, not sure it will get added though.

Thanks Robert,
Does the Parallax stack work with any gallery, particularly one with the Ken Burns effect?

The only thing it works with is images. Again, not guaranteeing anything, as I am not a writer of stacks, just support, so this might or might not happen.

Thanks Robert, I wonder how they achieved the effect in the link in my original post.

@Fuellemann there are many others stacks who also disappeared :disappointed:

It is a WP site so it might be a plugin for that.

Ah OK, thanks a lot for your help on this.