Yes! me! i read them! ✋

from the latest release notes:

[Bug] Download Backup Project Button now resolves to the correct path!
[Bug] Fixed an issue where local publishing would fail to write out files
[Bug] Fixed another issue where add-ons wouldn’t install correctly
[Bug] Does anyone really read this stuff? I do wonder sometimes
[Bug] We no longer copy over old delta updates when migrating from RW6 to RW7
[Bug] Tweaked alignment of controls in Welcome Window. Yum-o!
[Bug] Some more FTP fixes!!!

I do!!!


Ha! I just updated this morning and read that too…

Could be fun to hide easter eggs in release notes. See who really reads them.

i’ve always hid Star Wars quotes in mine. but now we know that Dan and Ben are haters of The Force… they probably never even noticed.

heh, glad some people are reading them, thanks :smiley:

P.S. I don’t hate Star Wars, I’m just not bonkers about it, enjoyed the latest one very much :blush: