@yuzool are you out there? Navigation Update?

Michael, I got an email that you have a Navigation 1.39 Update available…but the links are broken. Do you have a site where I can pick this up?

Is there a reason that you don’t do Stacks Update via RapidWeaver?

Please advise.



Did you send a private message to Michael instead?
In any case, give him a few days to answer you. As you may already know, he lives in Japan and has a day job and travels a lot, so he will answer you without fail, but it may take some time. Thanks :smiley:


Thanks @TINO for your comments!


  • I’ve tested and resent you the download link via a Message on this forum, and it works
  • You can use that email download link to install the Stack, it’s one way and a notification
  • You can also update from within RW - it’s up to you
  • This message seems like a double-posting: https://forum.rw4all.com/t/where-do-i-get-the-navigation-update/1587
  • Please appreciate it was sent on Saturday my time and was having the weekend to rest


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Michael, I did not receive an email about the update and Stacks is not showing at update from v1.3.8. Are updates through RW working?

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My email link is a 404 and RW update does not show.

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Yeah both should be working

I’ll send you messages to get your emails @Phi and @DLH and will re-send :slight_smile:

I have the Navigation stack and it seems stuck on 1.3…is not updating within Rapidweaver? Didn’t realise there were any updates…

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I did get the email you sent with the download link. Thank you.

If there’s anything we can do to help troubleshoot it not showing updates in RW, just let us know.


I didn’t get any emails about the updates…and it is not updating within Rapidweaver…help please

I’ve also never seen the update for Navigation appear in the Stacks updater in RW, although i have received the emails for @yuzool - just a heads up.

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Have sent you a message about this on the forum @pigglypots

Thanks @DLH and @thang
No idea why it gets stuck… setup is the same as all other Stacks and they work. And this does seem to work for some people also.

On the next round of updates will need help with this, thanks

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Thanks @yuzool I’d be happy to help next time - just let me know.

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