Yuzool Themes Purchasing

(David Darlison) #1

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(Konstantijn Van Calster) #2

Personally, I always had good customer service from Michael, sometimes a little late, but always resolved and open to feature requests. Any reason there will be for the delay, send him a PM in this forum @yuzool.

(Dave) #3

I agree- it’s not always the fastest (I think he has a full time non-RW, job), but he always replies. And, he’s always been very open to suggestions on ways to improve his stacks. I’d suggest giving him a few more days - and the benefit of the doubt. It’s possible he’s traveling for the holidays.

(Lisa Sandler) #4

He usually checks in here late afternoon/evening US PST time… not sure where you are.
@yuzool. I’ve tagged him for you.

(David Darlison) #5

Thanks all for the replies. Maybe I was a little hasty, I’ll wait and see what happens.
It’s just in this day and age everyone wants ‘it’ yesterday, my customer couldn’t wait which put pressure on me to deliver.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #6

Yes indeed he’s not the fastest, but like Dave says it’s possible he’s (@yuzool) traveling for the holidays or is busy. We are in some somewhat chaotic dates, give him a couple of days and I’m sure he will answer you. Michael is a good guy and always open to listen to new ideas / proposals.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #7

Thanks David. Also don’t forget that the one or the other developer wants to have some free days over the bank holidays. I am sure he will be back soon.

(Tapio Laakkonen) #8

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(Michael Frankland) #9

Sorry @scaleman114 - it’s holidays in Japan Christmas - January 7th so still off (and traveling around as @TINO said!

I’m not sure what to say - according to the logs of the provider I use you downloaded the item straight after purchase on the thank you page - the delivery email “bounced” then - and as you say it shows I resent it to you on 17th.

I’m sorry you think it’s “appalling” but it shows the item was delivered so an anomaly like this wouldn’t show up or have gone undetected otherwise.

(Michael Frankland) #10

Wow - @TapioMichael your message in private was nicer than that!
You can send DMs - it’s the same forum software as this (Discourse)

You can post there anytime.

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