Zombie content in my site

(Fabrizio) #1

Sometime ago I inserted a piece of code in my RW project for a contest. Now that contest is over and so the image appears broken. Yet I am not able to locate where it is instead so to move it. You may check the affected web site at: http://blog.inarrivo.net. As you may see the object is in the body but I have no cue about how to write one contents spanning the full site.

(scott williams) #2

Site wide code area…?

(Greg Schneck) #3

When looking at your html it is the very first line of code.

Is it in your page HTML Prefix area?

(...) #4

Look in the Extra Content 1 area. Delete it all, even the spaces that might be left over in content text box. The space is acting like an object with a background CSS applied.