1Little Designer's "Notice" Stack issue (just me?)

Anyone else having an issue with the “Notice” stack by 1 Little Designer suddenly not working? I"m seeing the same thing in three different websites - the close button doesn’t close the notice. I’m guessing it’s an issue with something that’s changed on RW or Stack’s end, since the Notice stack hasn’t been updated in over a year.

Hopefully, it’s just me. But, if you’re using Notice in any of your projects, you might want to ensure the close button is still working.

PS - I also sent an email to their support desk.

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I’m seeing the same problem with the Notice stack, so it is not just you!

Yes, same problem too ! @1LittleDesigner

If you don’t hear from 1LD in a bit can someone send me details on how to see the problem.

Thanks @Isaiah,

I reposted the site at a hidden URL (with indexing off), here: https://suwaneefest.com/donotindex/notice/. Notice that clicking the close box does not actually do anything.

So, it looks like your initial premise was incorrect. There were some recent updates to the Notice stack. Here’s the one that rolled in just today!

And here’s a link to the release notes where you can see that there have been a few updates recently.

After doing some sleuthing work I found the error is this:

At some point recently the close button was changed from using the Material font to using an SVG image. This is a good thing, but also requires a bit of JS to change.

The page you’ve posted above – with which version I cannot tell – has the close button icon svg image, but does not have the updated JS. This means the JS isn’t ever connected to the image. Result: clicks are ignored.

The most recent Notice (v1.5.3) does, however, have the corrected JS. And it looks like it works fine. And that JS is clearly different from the JS on your site.

So here’s my wild-ass-guess at reconstructing the timeline of what happened:

  • 1LD rolled out an update v1.5.2 with the new image and old JS
  • You updated, but it slipped under the radar.
  • Your site was published with that version.
  • Today 1LD read this forum post
  • The made the fix and rolled out v1.5.3

What I can definitely say for certain:

  • This has nothing to do with RapidWeaver 8 or Stacks. (phew!)
  • The problem has been corrected in an update today.

And… in conclusion… to get things working you should just update the stack and republish. If it doesn’t seem to correct it let me know. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Isaiah, for a very detailed answer. I appreciate your taking the time to figure out what went wrong.

I also heard back from Skyler who basically stated the same thing - they forgot to update a part of the JS.


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