404 Errors - But Cannot Find Problem Page

I have been trying to get rid of this 404 error which is this from the MOZ report and Google https://www.advancedassessments.co.uk/(null)/(null)

I cannot find the page to fix the problem as every page I look a loads fine. Cannot seem to get any online solution in plan English from Utube. Does anyone know how to resolve this? As this is a very important priority?

There is also a cloudfare error, but no real way of resolving this. There is some code that Cloudfare recommned to be uplaoded but as as far as when I tried to create a robots txt file this created further crawl errors, and as far as I am aware, Rapid Weaver to does automtically publishes the site map.

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Actually that must not be “real” link or page errors itself.

If one page loads a script or css file with /(null)/(null), which sounds like a error in the page generator, in the background, the page itself might look correct (or even is correct).
Still this incorrect load would triggger the 404 error in the background. Difficult to find out.

You would be able to open the site in chrome with developers tools open and check on every page the network tab, if you find such an error.

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software

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Thank you for your help, but this does not show where the error is, even if it did it is not clear what then next step shoudl be - would it be re-creating a new page?

If you have a “robots.txt” file on your server, the best thing to do is “block” the page by adding a disallow rule.

It will tell the search engines to “ignore” that page and not to index it.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /(null)/(null)

Thanks, Neil but I am not using a robots.txt file on the server, we are using BT to upload, and as indicated we we totally dependent on Rapid Weaver to produce the site map. How might I add the robots.txt file to the server using Rapid Weaver 8? When I produced a page with code on it and a Robots.txt file this generated much more crawl errors.

I Ran through Integrity Plus and you have other erros coming up…

But the error in question seems to appear on page:

To spots Nottingham and Birmingham


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Doug, thank you so much for this, it has finally identified the error. The only other key question I have is whether I can improve SEO at all but putting some information in the site wide meta tag? I have been looking at soem of the tutorial but cannot find anything quickly and cannot find anthing in the manual. If so what would some good tags be? Thanks a gain for your help


In my experience, most metadata doesn’t really help with SERP(search engine results page) “ranking”. The description tag, title, and other meta tags are more for what gets displayed on the SERP and don’t really impact the appearance order. Content and “authority” are really what matter. The site appears to have a good amount of content, I’m not going to judge the quality or organization of the content since I know nothing about the field. Assuming they are good and the site is organized in a way that makes sense for searchers using the targeted keyword phrases, I would look next at “link Building” to build some “authority rating” with search engines.

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Thanks again, I will work on link building with some relevant sites over the next few weeks. Hopefully, now that we have removed the 404 errors and other technical problems this should improve rankings. There seems to be a lot of contradictory messages about link building with some commentators saying Google will not place so much weight on it others still saying it is important! I will also revisit page speed over the next few weeks, I have made some improvements but there might be more that can be done. However, the site is not coming out with a page load speed of 94, although it still list several errors which might be to do with the fact that I am using an out the box website. Thanks again

Quality links help a lot, just “link count” doesn’t mean much. Relative Authoritative links are what you want. A link from an authority in the subject of the site is excellent, a link from another site in the area is OK, and a link from a site that has no relationship to the point isn’t worth much.

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