A/B Audio Plugin/Stack/Feature?

Hello group. I’m looking for a plugin/stack or just a way to do what this WordPress plugin does:


Basically, I want to play multiple audio files at the same time, and be able to go from one to the other in order to hear the difference in real-time.

Any ideas would be most welcome!!


I certainly see how such a plugin could be useful in some very specific cases. However, I don’t believe anything like that exists for RW. It’s a very specialized, niche product. WordPress is a much larger market so a plugin like this stands a decent chance of being noticed/used. Sorry for the bad news.

no worries! my next question – could I use any existing stacks/plugins to hack my way to this functionality?

Basically, if there was a way to trigger multiple audio files from a single link, I’d be halfway there…


This doesn’t solve the audio part, but there’s a nice stack from Nick Cates for the A/B switch.

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