A separate website for old browser

Hello! I have put together a website using Joe Workman’s Foundation. Brilliant, works beautifully with Armadillo! I need to do a redirection for old browser users though, as we need to cater for all age groups. Thought I could do a long one page website within the same project using a different theme. I tried to select a new theme just now, but it updated all of the pages - I am sure there is normally an option to just do one page, but that be something my end.

Anyway I am wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a lightweight theme for this purpose? Needs to work on ancient browsers and be compatible with RW6. I am hoping to add the Armadillo Solo content into this new theme as well, so I don’t have to repeat the content, which will be changed and updated by my client.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!

This is a very smart new forum!

I don’t know what sort of visitors you want to attract but my feeling is that if they’re too lazy or too stupid to update to a reasonably modern browser, I don’t care if they visit my sites. It’s not as though they have to upgrade their hardware or Windows version, they just need to dump IE.

Yes, I know, that’s how I feel too - it’s so frustrating. I have to help my Clients though. If it was a modern product/service then I could probably get away with it!

Change the theme of an individual page in the page inspector site styles.

As for the theme, depends on your content and requirements but I usually use something like interslice by realmac (I think it’s version 4 theme)

bitbumpy, why wasn’t I doing that before?!? I overthink things and sometimes it doesn’t need to be that complicated.

Opted for using the divert on IE6-8 and then did a duplicate Home page with a pop-up box to warn of old browser. Couldn’t get the Browser Reject stack to work, not sure why. Anyway, have put links at the bottom of the page as there seem to be two things that won’t work with IE8 - the menu bar and the importing of photos from Flickr into Gallery.

I think it’ll do!

Thanks for your help…