Absolute Newbie advice query

Hello everyone. I was just wondering as a complete newbie to RW is it best to steer clear of Stacks4 and various other add-ons until i am happy with the basics or will involving those extensions enhance the learning process ?


I’d go through the tutorials first. They don’t take long. You’ll probably want to get stacks 4, there’s a free trial version that you can learn and play with.


To add to what Doug said, I just want to mention that Stacks are the absolutely best feature that can be used with RW. If you don’t try it, you won’t know what you’re missing…

I would not even have RW if it were not for Stacks. Stacks is 95% of what makes RW great.

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Thanks everyone, I suggest i get the credit card out and go buy stacks then ! :grin::call_me_hand:

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With Stacks, make sure you learn and understand about Partials and Site Images. (Learn the difference between “site image” and “image”.) They can save you a lot of time when using global material. Watch all the Stacks videos and tutorials that you can!


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