Adding Click & Impression Tracking links to a Web Banner on my site


I need some guidance on how to add click & impression tracking links in Rapidweaver to a web banner (.gif format)

I’ve received the following information which needs to be linked to the web banner:

A url which i know how to link up, but it is the following information I’m unsure about as this needs to be separate to a simple url which takes you to their website:

//To track Impressions use the following URL:[timestamp]&rtu=-1
//To track Clicks use the following URL:
//Note: Please ensure that you implement a click tracking URL only in the clicks location in your ad server,
//and an impression tracking URL only in the impression tracking location.
//Incorrect implementation of these URLs will result in major billing and reporting discrepancies.[timestamp]

I just don’t know where to put it and how to link it all up. I think it has something to do with the custom attributes and maybe the javascript/css option but i don’t know the process to get it all working.

I’m not code savvy unfortunately so i would really appreciate any help with this.

Thanks in Advance