Advice on site/page load speeds please

(Doug Bennett) #21

Until you can move your sites to a different hosting company, have you considered trying cloudFlare?

Even their free plan will allow you to optimize your performance including gzip without moving your sites.

(Bob Law) #22

Hi Doug,
Thanks for the info will definitely look into that option.

(Gregory Barchard) #23

Oy. That’s tough. Yea Chillidog enables this by default and adds a static asset accelerator for you. This is automatic. The asset accelerator is similar to what cloudflare does.

A note about cloudflare. Cloudflare is an origin pull. If the assets aren’t compressed when delivered to cloudflare it will not be as optiminal.


(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #24

Fast Comet offers gzip compression by default on their shared server.