Can I speed this image heavy site up?

Im just finishing up a site I have made in Foundry. ( I Love Foundry)

Because of the type of site it is, it is very heavy on images, so I’m doing my best to make sure that under the circumstances its as fast as possible.
Sometimes the home image seems to load slowly here

I don’t think I can adjust the two images used in opening shot. But grateful for any advice

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Doesn’t load slowly for me… A couple suggestions though…
Are you using warehoused (vs resources) images? That would help a lot. Also making your images smaller in size, using something like
I’m a photographer with a lot of image on my site. These things help.

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I can echo Lisa’s comments about loading speed of your site and about using warehousing. I’ve tried opening your site only on a Mac with Safari, no other device.

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Hi @Figory,

It loads fast for me but I have a fast connection. You do have a couple image issues, and as others suggested you should check each one and optimize.
Before you optimize, you should really size each one as well.

A couple examples:

The best thing to do is just check them all.


You have an image which has a bowl with 3 eggs in it. That image is 10,600,000 bytes and it should be about 150,000 bytes. I expect it is a 300dpi image. That image alone will slow th whole site down.

You need to check that all images are 72dpi and then optimise in a good optimiser such as JPEGmini or imageOptim. You can use the free XnConvert to convert all to 72dpi.


Thank you! Yes I see now. Though I had resized images and used Squash. I had still managed to put some of the incorrect images into the site!
How do you access that info in the screenshots? I have been going into the site using transmit and looking at the image size. But you seem to have a much quicker way!

Yes! Thank you it was 300 dpi!

I have never used 300 dpi setting. Somehow it got changed. Preview(which I use for resizing) has somehow got pretty screwed up and keeps freezing. I have tried several fixes that involve going into library and dealing several files.
But the fix never lasts long.

That will make a big difference

I use ForkLift which shows you a preview of server images with the size and dimension which is very useful. Otherwise, load the site in Chrome, do CMD-i, click on Sources and then search for the File folder and look at the contents inside that folder. Squash should warn you if you are using 300dpi. JPEGmini will skip any 300dpi’s and warn you.

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Thanks just downloaded FL

Where can I find ForkLift?
-from which developer.

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That is the developer screen in safari. You have to turn it on in preference settings then it will sho up on the safari menu system.

Took almost 3 minutes to load here. I never would have waited except for your asking for feedback.
I too have a lot of images on my car restoration sites. I warehouse and use Pretty photo with a thumbnail to open the full image. There are a lot of ways to do that.
I use thumbsup to resize images to any given quality and size. Drag groups of photos over the icon after setting what you want as output.

###There is another option to reduce image size:

Head to Google Insights and check your site.
On the bottom of the results page, you can find a link to download optimized resources:

You have to check the reduced images for quality. Sometimes PNG are not very good processed.

3 mins! Oh my god thank you for telling me.
I thought I had ironed out most of the problems and was going to continue next week.

My feeling is that many people viewing this site will be doing so on large mac screens . The potential clients will all be in los angeles general area and i imagine will have fairly good internet
I wanted to have some images full screen or almost …so I made a few ofthem at about 1600 pix wide.
I was willing to make a small compromise to have some large images. But not 3 minutes!

You still have huge images in that site. I still see that 10.6Mb image which is 5760px wide! See

You are displaying that image at 1100px wide. As a test I downloaded it and dropped into JPEGmin, and set JPEGmini to resize to 1100px wide and it reduced to 245k which is 45X reduction. That reduced image is also attached.

On a plus point the site loads in about 2 seconds for me.


Oh my god!

What is so weird is I cant even find the image that size in the files.

I have bought forklift but have yet to master it.

I need to discover how you were able to add my domain to the little cloud and inspect!

Yes on the plus side its 2 seconds for me too and good on speed check but goole test is gibing me 100% on mobile device
and only about 60% desktop.

I don’t want them to penalize SEO!

This may or may not help… happened to me when I couldn’t find some images that were publishing.

Did you start out with resourcing or drag and drop images, then switch to warehousing? Try clicking the stack back to image. It might be that image is still in there. If it is, then delete it and go back to warehousing.

Thanks will take a look! They are drag and drop at the moment until I get a chance to change to warehouse.

hmm. then it’s not that. It may be you need to delete the old, larger file from your server? Did you rename the new smaller file the same name?