An expresion of gratitude

Hi Weavers,

I just started a few days ago with RW6 and Stacks 3, comming from iWeb . My first project was to migrate my personal family site from iWeb. I soon discovered that for my purpose Foundation was a “must have” because I need to be able to design my sites/pages from the bottom.

I have, by looking into the amazing amount of video tutorials and documentation material on the net, and by the help in this forum, discovered a lot of stacks that is just what I need to fill my tool-box with. Because I need a tool-box that gives me the maximum flexibility to design an style my sites and pages - both in look&feel and in content.

Because of the fantastic amount of options - including this forum - I have already got ideas to the next couple of projects I am going to work on.

I am amazed by all the possibilities and options that just have revealed themselves in this process.

So - I feel a need to say:

Thank you to Realmac and team. Thank you to Joe Workman and team. Thank you to Yourhead and team.

I will be a user of your products for many years to come :slight_smile:

Cheers Peter


Our pleasure. Welcome to the community!


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Welcome! I am glad that we have been able to help make your transition to RapidWeaver a good one.

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I would echo that. A few years ago I was trying to decide between RW and a couple of other options (I think it was Sandvox was the main, maybe??) and I ended up with RW and am glad because of all the extra support resources (not to mention ever-growing addons).
It is still a hobby/(very small) side business right now and I know there is a lot of potential to untap once I can find the time to watch all the videos, tutorials, etc. But all of the activity (addons, forums, RW community, etc) is really exciting and the hands-on developer support and engagement is a huge help.