Analytics in RW 7

I’m probably just overlooking it due to medication or the lack of a coffee mug in front of me, but I’m not seeing the Analytics setup for GA or GoSquared. Where has this moved to?

You simply need to add the code into the body or head code boxes. Google tends to like their code in head while pretty much all other analytics services want it before the closing body tag.

Exactly, that’s why we have the extra areas under the “Code” tab. Existing projects with analytic settings will be copied over into the appropriate area :slightly_smiling:

Thanks @joeworkman! I do know how to use analytics code… I was simply asking where the old analytics section had gone to and not a lesson on how to use GA or GoSquared. Having had a dedicated area for this in RW 6 I thought it was strange that it was missing in RW 7 so I wanted to check to ensure that it was not missing due to a bug, or possible oversight.

@Elixir I was not implying that you didn’t. I was just stating where RMS was expecting the code to be put now.