Any thoughts on the new Top-Level Domains?

I’m working on a new site for my speaking & consulting business, and I’ve registered the domain –

I’m still debating whether or not to use it for my new site . . . . I don’t see a lot of the new TLDs in use out there yet, and I’m wondering if it will seem unusual or confusing to the general public . . . (and will some people see the website in some promo material, and then type it in their browser and add an extension to it, assuming it needs to end with .com or something else?)

Anybody have any thoughts on the use (and merit of using) the new Top Level Domains (like .life, .consulting, .events, etc) for new sites?

I have and but generally use them as redirects or small satellite sites - there is a danger, as you point out, that people try to pin a .com on the end.

I think a lot depends on how you market it and present it to your potential customers.

A prime example is that the bookmarking website Delicious used to (before they were Yahoo’ed in 2005) promote their domain name as The way each segment of the domain name was split with dots made it really easy to remember and was crucial in the early promotion and success of the business. This unusual domain name featured heavily on all their branding. Sometimes people like quirkiness.

I think that if you were to promote your domain name with a trailing ‘/’ slash at the end, that could quite possibly discourage people typing .com at the end. And colouring each segment of the domain name brightly could also help, when people see it printed or displayed in a logo.

My hunch is that TLDs will catch on pretty quickly, given how many millions are already registered. There is an opportunity here to get very creative and beat your competitors. Undoubtedly web browsers will also get better at auto-correcting TLD’s.

Could you buy and park and employ a redirect (to

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That’s an interesting approach, MarkSealey. And Will, those are good insights—some of us have to be the pioneers, right? :slight_smile: