Anyone working on a website with the Forward theme by Nick Cates?

I’m searching for a responsive theme for my photography site and I like the Forward theme a lot. Before purchasing it though, I would love to see a website or two build with this theme.
Might someone here know an example??
Thank you very much in advance,

Hiya saruil1

I think in the original email from NCD promoting Forward there were links to four sites showcasing Forward by people other than NCD. I can’t find that email and I’ve tried to google the page. Maybe drop NCD a line.


Hi Sarina, yes I used the forward theme to redesign my website. Completely changed and simplified it with, in my view, a clean and fresh look. I love the simplicity and neat look of Forward. Just to mention that I created my pages with Stacks and have used a slider and tabs stack on some pages. I should mention that I found some strange things happening when I was working with forward in Rapidweaver and I did not have access to an internet connection. (working at a remote location on an island) For example header pictures not loading properly. There was no problem with the finished on line website however and everything was fine when back in places where there was an internet connection. My website is
Kind regards, Allan

Hi Tim,
Thanks for the reply! In the meantime, I received a total of three examples (also via Twitter), for now it’s enough to give me an idea of the possibilities.

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Hi Allan,

Thanks a lot for the url and the explanation! The tab stack looks really great (though I would probably not use it).
I hope I won’t run into problems, but you never know of course.

Kind regards,