Fastes MOBILE FIRST theme? (for selling photos)


What is the fastest loading Mobil Fist theme for RapidWeaver? Not a theme that is called responsive theme that scales down desktopdesing to mobil.

I am looking for the fastest loading Mobile First Theme for RapidWeaver - who can you recommend themes? Showcasing photos and being able to sell them via a webshop (rapid cart pro for example) is what I need.

Thank you.

Forward is billed as being very fast. But I imagine the speed of a photo-heavy site will depend more on how you manage images more than which theme you pick.

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The only theme that I know of (could be wrong) that bills itself as Mobile first is Foundation by Joe Workman. I do know other themes use the Foundation background, but what is really nice about Foundation for RapidWeaver is that it allows you to set 3 different image sizes for the different screen sizes. One for Mobile, one for Tablet and one for Desktop. Some people may say you can not get RapidCart Pro working within Foundation, but it has been done. There are other alternatives out there, Cartloom and Ecwid to name a few, and I know of many people that use both within RapidWeaver.

Ok thanks - I am using Forward right now - just thought there might be a faster mobil first theme available - since the photos are the main “problem” - I think of using caffein stack for fast loading on mobil - is that a good idea - and is it compatible with Forward and Rapidcard pro?

(Is there a “stack” for viewing photos in a room - like a gallery feature where people can see how big an image is compared to their furniture - to see the proportions of the photo print in a room?)

thx again!