Are pre orders possible in any ecommerce addon?

Hi, I’m currently building a website for a music group and i’m searching for a way to let the customers pre order products. Is there a way to do this?

Ultracart can do this. It’s a 3rd party cart and we use just the backend cart with buy links on standard RW pages. It has a monthly fee and probably is not for smaller sites but you can check it out. It has every option you would ever need.

Here’s the Pre-Order info page in their docs.

You could do this with Cartloom as well. Sell the product without any sort fo download link (assuming that its digital). After the product ships, you can then send the links to the products out to all of the people that purchased.

All great suggestions @friday

But you could also just use any Cart add-on and put text on the page saying it’s a Pre-order and take payments but don’t ship anything until you are ready. Download the contacts from the Stripe or PayPal account and mail it out (or post).

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