Best way to show 365 audio files (1 for each day)

I have a compilation book here:

I want to make the second edition of this book with accompanying audio file and put each quote on the website; this book is a daily quotation book. So, there are 365 quotations.

I am trying to think of the best way to present the quote along with the audio file for that day (each quote has been taken from an archive of audio files hosted on AWS).

What do you think? Do I need a single page for each quote? Or is there some kind of tab or list I can use? Or is there a blog solution that allows me to have a dynamic audio file on each page?

Thank you all for your input.

I did a site of the bibleā€¦I used playlisterā€¦you use a CSV file to populate itā€¦
Take a lookā€¦if you like it get back with me and I will help you set it up.
If it were meā€¦I would make a PlayLister page for each monthā€¦

God bless you! This is a labor of love indeed.

Actually, I like this idea a lot. However, I want to show the daily quotation for that day along with the audio file for that day (from where the quotation is drawn).

That will require a player for eachā€¦lots of good ones out thereā€¦could you send me a sample of what you are trying for?
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Here is a page with 60 players on it!!
I used doobox Boom

Couldnā€™t you use the ā€˜Additional Infoā€™ field in Playlister for the daily quotations and still use the CSV file to populate it?

Sureā€¦all of that is available in the csv fileā€¦populate as you see fitā€¦
I have a sample of the csv file that will help you get it going.

Thank you @thang and @joemart1951 for your input. I was able to get this to work using:

  1. Total CMS extra content area.
  2. I put the extra content macro from the Blog Post into a HTML 5 Audio player stack (where the url would go) and put this on the blog post page.
  3. That way when I enter an URL in the extra content area on the blog (extra content must be set to markdown) then it grabs the url from there.
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