Blur possible with Layerz stack @willwood

Dear Realmac community,

the Layerz stack works very well on my test page:

Is it also possible to blur the background (frosted glass effect) behind the topmost layer?

Have a nice day!

Hi Ralf,

If you can find (or make) a suitable PNG frosted image, then you could apply that as a background, using custom CSS code like this:

.layerzLayer {
    background: url(path/to/image/goes/here/image.png) !important;

It seems like there are pure CSS solutions for making a frosted background (without images) that might work too (untested with Layerz):

I’m pretty certain a RW user had me make them a little stack that could do frosted glass effects. I can’t remember if I still have it.

The TintStack might also be useful to create this type of shaded effect:

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Looking at the site, you have a black 50% transparent background on maybe one of the layers?
Are you looking to replace that or just “Frost” it or “Blur” it?

The reason I ask is the frosted backgrounds both CSS and images are usually white?

If you want to just “blur” what you have try adding this CSS

.layerzLayer {
     backdrop-filter: blur(5px);

I’d probably reduce the opacity you have now on the black to around 20%.

I did it to your site and it would look like this:

That’s at 20% opacity and the "blur set to 5px.

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Hi Will and Doug,

Thank you very much! That’s exactly what I was looking for!

Best wishes,


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