Breadcrumb trailing not working right

I add a breadcrumb trail and it doesn’t work quite as I expected. Here’s what happens.

Someone is on the home page and they click on the Blog. So the breadcrumb trail appears as:

Home > Blog

and the Home link is clickable, but not the Blog link. That’s okay as they’re already on Blog page.

Now they click on one of the blog posts and go to the page for that blog post. So you’d expect the breadcrumb to read:

Home > Blog > Name of Blog Post

And you’d expect the words ‘Home’ and ‘Blog’ to be clickable, but all I get is:

Home > Blog

and just the word ‘Home’ is clickable.

So if someone wanted to use the breadcrumb trail to do what a breadcrumb trail is there for, they’d have to click on Home and then manually go back to the blog again. Obviously that’s wrong. They should be able to click on the word ‘Blog’ and return back to the blog.

What am I doing wrong? I figured I’d this as there seems to be no way of adding a ‘Return to Previous Page’ link, so a breadcrumb is the next best thing, but only if it actually allows them to go to the previous page and not just to the top of the breadcrumb.

Thanks for your help.

How are you adding the breadcrumb trail to the page? Foundation?

Just via the Advanced Configuration menu Brandon. Putting a check in the ‘Display Breadcrumb’ trail and that’s it. I’m not using Foundation, just Stacks and the Hive theme.