Can i create something like Mindly in RW

(Steven ) #1

Hello, is it possible to create something like in RW?
Is there mabey a stack that i can use?

Thanks for your help!


(Jason Bostick) #2

Which components of the site are you interested in recreating, in particular? I’d think you could get a good part of the way there just by taking a blank theme, using some Big White Duck stacks - Sections Pro (for the layout and ‘image to colour’ transition of the main image) and Scroll Up (for the menu transition).

(Gary) #3

Looks like a pretty standard Bootstrap3 layout with some custom animations. As Jason asks, what exactly are you looking for a stack to do?

(Steven ) #4

Sorry, it’s not the website but the product that i mean. I have a cliënt who wants to have something like that on his website. So I want to start with a picture of him and when I click on it there are coming some options around the picture to choose from, and so on.

Maby there’s another solution for it?