Changing the Colour of a Chair

I have 7 images of a chair. Identical in size, each having different upholstery fabric.
Given 7 icons with each of the colour preference how would you go about showing the corresponding chair image by clicking on a colour icon?

I was going to build something with JW’s MovingBox 2 but likely there is a more ‘lightweight’ option?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Not sure why MovingBox is not lightweight… its what I would use to build that slider.

Do you have a sample of what you are trying to do?
Always try to help!

The general idea was in the link below my post.

In the absence of suggestions (And frankly there probably aren’t any specific stacks for the purpose) I’ve used JW’s MovingBox.

Here is the result (scroll down a bit to the picture of the chair with a vertical band of icons along side:
You get to choose the fabric colour for each of two wood colours by clicking on the r.h.s. Icon.

It’s still work in progress and I’m still open to alternative veiws on how to achive a similar effect.

That looks nice…I like it…

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