Choosing new host... and email cache limits?

So, back a few months, I posted to ask about choosing a new host and if it made a difference picking one of the RealMac recommended hosts. So, since then I came across a minor issue with my host that turns out to be a deal breaker… email limits.

My wife owns a video production company, and gets a lot of large email attachments (which she is reluctant to detach). My current host puts a limit of 2 GB for individual email cache, and she has run up against that limit.

So I am wondering if this is common with web hosting companies for a typical shared plan? I chatted with A2, they said there was a 25GB limit overall for their shared plans (although the website says unlimited storage), and they hinted that more of this could be dedicated to email space, but I am hoping to find a web host that might allow a bigger email cache if needed.




Hi @rtthompson

Yes, this is common. “Unlimited” never means unlimited.

Anyways, yes, I can help you. Chillimail is an email service I offer clients. The base mailboxes provide 25GB of dedicated storage per user/mailbox. This is separate storage than your website. I can, however, upgrade you to the 100GB mailboxes if you require the additional email space.

If you’d like to discuss more, I’d be happy to review your site and email usage and make recommendations. Simply send me a DM or email (support@) to discuss further

Your top dog,

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