Codex, Rapidcart Pro stack PHP problems

I build a site w codex and placed the Rapidcart pro store stack in one of the EC areas. The Rapidcart pro page is installed.
Rapidweaver sent me a error stating I have multiple index files. It seems like the RCP stack switched the index to PHP. The store is not showing up on the page…help?
I don’t really understand index or php. I just understand that its not working haha!

Looks like it’s working, what exactly isn’t working?

Well I ended up duplicating the page and redirecting the home page to a second page. Seems like the issue was when the home page is php not index. I just did what I could. I would love to know the right way.

More than likley all you need to do is delete the index.html page off your server.

Most servers load .html by default. So when the page type changed to PHP because of rapid cart, the server was still sending the old HTML page. Both are named index. RW does not delete any files from your server, you do that with ftp or your file manager in the server control panel.