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Would it be possible to have the promotional items be limited to the category that you are browsing (i.e. the Stacks sections has stack promotions and the Themes section has theme promotions.)?

I was just browsing the Project File section and thought I took a wrong turn for a moment because I was seeing stacks listed.

I likely wont have that happen again, but I think it likely that newcomers could get tripped up from time to time.

I have to say that those promotions in the middle of listed stacks (what I mean if you search for something, WHY does it list promotions with that?) that have NOTHING to do with what you want. I think having them up top is a good idea, but in the middle of a group of listed addons, seems wrong.
my 2¢

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Obviously they are paid developer ads but they should be relevant to the content that you are searching.

Search in the Themes area = promoted themes show up.
Search in the Projects area = promoted projects show up.

I agree, but to a point. Lets say you are searching photo stacks. Then promoted stacks should be marked that way, but when you search now for photo stacks, you might get promoted font stacks, or layout stacks. That is wrong. OR if you search for a developer, OTHER developer stacks SHOULD NOT show up, promoted or not. I do not care about the top banner ads, in fact, eliminate the intermixed adds and add a sidebar of ads or a footer of ads, but get the wrong stacks OUT of the mix of stacks I searched for.

As @BrandonCorlett said above, “…newcomers could get tripped up” …!
Besides that though, its bloody annoying!


@BrandonCorlett This would be a great topic for one of your famous polls - Do you find the Add-Ons promotions annoying?