Community website with multiple contributors

I’m thinking about starting a community website for my local area. The idea would be that I could involve lots of other contributors in this. I don’t think Rapidweaver would be the best choice for this. I have both Armadillo and Go CMS, but Im wondering would Worpress be a better choice?

Thoughts, advice or suggestions all welcome.

If you have Foundry then Elixir might be a good solution.

Whatever system you choose you’ll need to teach folks how to use it. Or have them send you the relevant content, then you post and format it. In that case no additional system is needed beyond what you already use.

It’s true that WordPress would handle all of this well. You can assign folks to “roles” where they can only add posts/content but can’t change the design. WordPress also has an advantage in that there are some writing apps that allow a person to post draft content to WordPress directly from the app (e.g. iA Writer, but there are others).

Without knowing how tech savvy or not the potential contributors are it’s hard to answer this question. But my guess is the bottom line answer may be to have them send you the content and then you “make it so”

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Maybe a combination of Total CMS together with Sitelok would fit the bill.

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