Content of Page n in Sidebar of Page n+1

I don’t think Houdini will support display of content across (multiple) pages, will it?

I have a news page in a site I’m building (RW6 + Stacks 3) using ZipList.

I’d like to display the ‘Headlines’ only from/on that page in the Sidebar of another - probably the Home - page.

Anyone know of a way to do that, please?


Well, it will if you use it in all Stacks pages and make it a Partial!!! But not to NON stacks pages!

Aha! Yes, a partial. I watched Isaiah’s video a couple of weeks ago. But haven’t had cause to implement it yet.

I have now. Thanks. Great idea.

Though I really do want it only across two pages (original (‘News’) and Home)

All my pages are Stacks :-)))))