Copy resources folder to new project

Is there an easy way to copy all resources from one project to another?

I’m building a new version of a council site and it has 200+ documents all neatly filed in relevant folders that need to be re-linked. Whilst I can re-do manually, a quick ‘transfer’ would be much easier.

Open your project, Save As to a new file name. New project full of all of your resources. Then delete whatever pages you don’t need for the new project file.

Addendum – you could also then drag-and-drop pages from other projects into this new one that has all of your resources.


Not sure why I didn’t think of that. Probably because the new project is completely different, well under way and I didn’t think about the huge number of resources until now - but as you say, copy the pages and we’re done. Thanks !

No problem. Hope that works out.

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